Barbara Viteri is a self-made business woman with an unwavering entrepreneurial mindset. A native New Yorker raised in Brooklyn’s most volatile housing projects, her education consisted of nurturing her grit, mastering her gut instincts and developing a keen sense of people’s characteristics and motivation.

Being introduced to the world of interior design was a stroke of luck, but certainly an opening she sought to build a career on. Having immersed herself in the design industry for over two decades, she established her eponymous consulting firm, Viteri Style Management™, LLC in 2012. Barbara’s talent for developing practical business management solutions for boutique interior design firms coupled with her no-nonsense personality led her to becoming a trailblazing fixture in the design industry.

In 2014, Barbara seized the opportunity to launch her brand, Designerlebrity™. Pioneering a path for her to innovate and cultivate a digital platform that provides an unfiltered spotlight on celebrity interior designers. While styling a new media space in pop-culture fascination mode, she partnered with The Design Network (2014) as the creator, executive producer, and host of a webseries show called; Designerlebrity™ Talk. It became the industry’s first cutting edge online talk show that catapulted media attention and garnered multiple requests for a second season along with new show hosting offers by the network.

Fear of pigeonholing her new brand and needing to acclimate to her new found success she opted to pass on working with the network and decided to expand into editorial. Barbara became the contributing interior design editor for a lifestyle magazine (2015) and honed in on her writing skills. Her columns granted an all access pass to designerlebrities and started a new podium focusing on up and coming interior designers she appropriately labeled; the |POTENTIALS|. 

Her feature articles have been acknowledged and linked to high-profile sites such as PopSugar, Refinery29 and HGTV. Striking success again, now in editorial, she received multiple offers to become a contributing editor from other industry publishers, but again, passed on the opportunity to pursue her dreams of curving her own mark in the digital space of media.

Barbara Viteri launched in October 2016. More than a passion project, but a bold and unapologetic approach of building a brand on her terms. Delivering a resourceful, entertaining and niche coverage on celebrity interior designer news, videos and pics to design devotees and enthusiasts just like her.  

Besides her roles as CEO and Founder of VSM, which has now transitioned into a management firm for her brands, Designerlebrity™ & the POTENTIALS, Barbara conducts and develops speaking engagements for prominent industry events. She has graced the covers of RISE, W2W and Self Confidence's first female covers. She is continuously featured in trade publications, television segments and promotes her inspiring story to female entrepreneurs at business summits.

Barbara lives in New York with her husband and two children. She is actively involved with several charities.