Exclusive: Designerlebrity Taylor Spellman Dishes On Hosting Bravo's New Real Estate/Design Show; Yours, Mine Or Ours

by Barbara Viteri

Designerlebrity™ is set to launch later this fall, but how could I not share the inside-scoop on Bravo’s new 10 episode real estate/design show series,Yours, Mine or Ours today? The premiere with back-to-back episodes airs tonight! Watch the clip above to get an idea on what this show is about then read below to get the exclusive deets direct from the show’s co-host, designerlebrity, Taylor Spellman. She delivered the goods!

Designerlebrities who brunch...

I met up for brunch with New York’s esteem interior designer and stager, Taylor Spellman who selected we eat at the hot spot and beautifully decorated NYC restaurant, The Dutch. Both of us arriving at opening hour and both opting on opening a bottle of champagne to sip and dish at the table. Once our delicious cheese omelets, baby greens, caramelized onions and toast were served, we simply became two New Yorkers straight talking, fun curse words sharing and girly giggling chicks in front of our pricey meals. Taylor is one FUNNY lady! 


Taylor’s Tip: Design Splurges That Are Worth It: “You have to invest in a really nice couch or else it will show its age quicker than Lindsay Lohan’s face.”


Right out of the gate, I understood why Bravo hired her. They were not going to pair up Shahs of Sunset, Reza Farahan with your average as-seen-on-TV-Dolly-Decorator. Taylor has unteachable design skills, business savvy confidence and a hilarious personality that can handle Reza’s quick wit and let’s face it, Bravo’s unfiltered and judgmental fans. (Which includes me.) So I had to ask her about the similarities between her show and HGTV’s show Love It or List It.

Taylor Spellman | Bravo

“I can definitely see how people are drawing the correlation between the two shows, but at the same time they are totally different. Our show is really fresh, funny and a quick 30 minutes of pure real estate porn. On the show we are working with a mix of couples who are either married and deciding on where they should live to combining families with children after a divorce. It’s a delicate line we dance on to help people make a decision that is right for them. In a way we tee them up for success, but at the same time making it hard to choose as we are offering them four great viable options. Reza will show them two properties and I am fixing up each of their existing homes. They have to face some tough choices but in the end we are genuinely helping people.”

SPOILER ALERT! There is a 'Brangelina' moment on the show. Hard to believe that with these two professionals delivering amazing lifestyle possibilities to one couple that just could not handle the pressure. 

“The craziest outcome is when one couple breaks up! We did not see that coming. They began to realize they weren’t cut out for this. It being such a big decision and us being so informative that they just knew, if they can’t live together, they can’t be together.”

Taylor Spellman | TSNY

Now I could have stuck a fork in this interview after that exclusive revelation because even People and Dwell magazines didn’t get that delicious scoop. (Yeah that’s a “You go gurl.” pat on my back.) But I wasn’t done with my glass of champagne yet and opted to take that extra time to go IN. I wanted to know what makes Taylor Spellman different from not only other designerlebrities in NY, but the small selection of NY stagers that high-profile realtors hire to help them sell their luxury listings rapidly?

“I found out there were like one or two stagers in NY and the old guard of staging brought in a cream on cream on cream look that was made up of neutral things to fill up a space. The way I came at it was more of an aggressive and strategic fashion. This being New York City you have to come with a competitive edge. The buyer is savvy and knows the market because they’ve seen everything. So I come with the knowledge of knowing the buyer, creating the lifestyle and selling the potential. I prefer partnering up with the realtor from the ground up and at marketing level.”

She is not kidding. She works directly with one of New York’s most prominent real estate brokers. You may have heard of him too. Taylor has a great working relationship with Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing NY, Ryan Serhant. There is evidence Taylor goes into a project with the same drive and grit as Ryan goes into selling his high priced New York City apartments.

"I've never seen something more botched in my entire life," Taylor was once filmed responding to the work of another famous NY stager’s efforts, but proved it’s about knowing the buyer and not what makes for good reality TV. “I always like to envision how that person is going to live in that space and I want the buyer to immediately feel like they were hugged when they walk in.”  

Taylor takes staging a step even further by not outsourcing artwork like other stagers may do. She does it herself! “I found I had to start sneaking it in because I needed a massive piece of art or specific colors for a space I was working in. So I decided to start doing it myself even though I was a little self-conscious about it. Now it’s becoming a bit of a signature thing and I really love it.” 

We may see more of Taylor on Bravo as she shared with me her upcoming projects not only working with her bravolebrity partner, Ryan Serhant, but taking on the iconic NY landmark building, 100 Barclay. She has been a part of this development from the beginning and looks forward to creating a “fresh-vibe” appeal to the world's original art deco skyscraper.

You are going to fall in love with designerlebrity Taylor Spellman, so checkout her new show Yours, Mine or Ours, kicking off with two episodes tonight starting at 10p.m. EST only on Bravo.

Taylor Spellman | Bravo


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