Exclusive: Sneak Peek at Designerlebrity Natalie Kraiem's Hope Lodge NYC Birthday Bash Tablescape

by Barbara Viteri

Photos by Natalie Kraiem


It's your first look at designerlebrity Natalie Kraiem's moodboard for this year's tenth annual Hope Lodge NYC Birthday Bash. The grand fundraising event will take place on Tuesday, November 7th at New York City landmark, Guastavino’s. Hope Lodge NYC is celebrating 10 years of making a difference by providing no-cost housing to cancer patients and their primary caregivers from all over the world. Thirty leading interior designers and tastemakers including designerlebrity Natalie Kraiem, will each design a party table for this main event.

Moodboard WM.jpg

Natalie's table is proving to be an elaborate chinoiserie mix, but still emphasizes ease. Guests are sure to be comforted with calming blues, crisp whites and surrounded by the finest tableware and decor.

My table is about joy and freedom. I mixed and matched different blue and white patterns and textures to stay outside the mold and create a serene vibe. I am very much into comfort lately. I wanted to create more of an unstructured tablescape, where people can relax and enjoy the night!
— Natalie Kraiem
NatalieKraiem_Eblast_v3-01 WM.jpg

The serenity look continues from invitation cards by dBb Group to menu cards by Leftys Right Mind. All enticing an exciting evening to raise much needed funding for a great cause. Natalie is proud and humble to partake in this year's NYC Hope Lodge celebration. The brooklyn based, award winning designer takes pride in balancing life, her design firm and philanthropic work.

Being an interior designer is very fulfilling.
We get to use our creativity and can dream and create an environment and feeling. We are lucky to be able to set the mood for the clients’ homes and let their space shape up their everyday lives. To me everything goes around where you live and how you feel about it.
— Natalie Kraiem
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Natalie is not done yet with creating beautiful moments for charitable organizations. She is back for a second time to design not one but two adjacent rooms at the legendary Holiday House which is also having their gala event later this month. Equipped with a story of designing a space for an artist who loves to travel and collects vintage pieces of furniture. One room is set to be the sitting area, where she can come to relax while the other is her office filled with her extensive book collection and favorite items. We think Natalie is simple the gift that keeps on giving. 


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