Exclusive: BTS Look At Holiday House Soho- Install Day!

Courtesy of Holiday House 

By Barbara Viteri

It's happening! The brand new Holiday House Soho is in its final phase of construction and its all about beating the "Opening Night Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" clock. 

Designerlebrity Exclusive


Courtesy Of City & Stone

Holiday House was founded in 2008 by breast cancer survivor and designerlebrity, Iris Dankner. You can learn more about Iris and her passion to raise breast cancer awareness here. Iris is showing no signs of worry as the deadline to opening night, honoring the legendary fashion icon, Iris Apfel, Holiday House's honorary chair, approaches in just 5 days! (November 16th 6:30pm-9:30pmThe highly attended and coveted evening with invited only press and designers will experience the brand new Sullivan Mansions developed by Property Markets Group and Madison Equities. Now may I tell you that after getting an exclusive behind the scenes tour of what's to come, (Huge thanks to Michelle & Elle!) all I can say is these designers are putt the SHOW in showhouse this year! 

"We are so excited to be downtown, it is a great new vibe for us. The new location really emphasizes Holiday House’s goal to always think out of the box by really incorporating the feel of Soho into the designs and creativity. Get ready to see some incredibly fresh design and artwork!"- Iris Dankner

Once the symbolic pink ribbon is cut in front of the soon to be wrapped Holiday House entrance in a enormous pink bow, the opening gala event begins. There will be no shortage of press, elite invited guests, celebrities and not to mention the amazing work on display by just a few of the designers and yes, designerlebrities showcased below. 

So here is your exclusive sneak peek at Install Day from paint drying to hanging paintings. I even got to interview a few designers and get their take on what they hope we all experience when entering each of their rooms. The transformation will be incredible and the public can go see it completed in all its glory with extended showhouse details listed below. You will not want to miss this! 

Rothko-esque Wall Painting Feature 


The Winter Solstice parlor and foyer have been conceived as an immersive experience designed to transport the visitor from light to the darkness of the longest night and back as the world turns toward daylight. The rooms are rich with inky layers of color and texture. Modern art and sculpture of a feminine nature in combination with exquisite furnishings and glowing lighting of the 20th and 21st centuries ask the viewer to pause and reflect on endings and renewal.- Tori Golub

Courtesy of Jamie Walters


In Process Kitchen Install By Jamie Walters

"When people walked through my room, I hope they experience what a true 'Friends-Giving' is. It's about community with a lot of layers of texture, colors and materials which brings a lot of warmth. To me this is what this holiday of friends-giving is all about.- Jamie Walters

Shine bright like a diamond 2ndFloor Gallery Hall


"Being a beautiful gallery space, when you first arrive from the spiral staircase, you are always looking up. I just saw this vision of a dazzling display of lights on the ceiling, a beautifully glazed wall in aubergine and a wonderful piece of art." - Charles Nafie

Chillin in this warm Dining Room


Envisioned by Campion Platt

"My goal always in showhouse design is to make people ponder the concept, to have fun, and to be surprised and walk away with a smile or quip "that was cool".  As designers, we are flexing a little personal muscle in this venue, but it is important to make social commentary as well – a design for the times, "Black Friday” in this case.”- Campion Platt

Not dirty just flirty bedroom


Envisioned by Capital C Interiors

"This flirtatious bedroom should stir every visitor's primal passions, a sexy sanctuary where style is combined with comfortable luxury and wit." - Juan Carretero

Light installation with In speculation


Envisioned by Rena Cherny of RC Studio

 "I'm going to stay a while." -Rena Cherny

Master Bedroom in Process


"My room is themed around the happiest hour. So I want everyone to walk into this room and feel hopeful about whats to come in the next hour, the next day, the next year. I themed it around having a cocktail after work and not knowing what to expect on your night out."- Tina Ramchandani

Yes there will be a Zebra in the window!


Envisioned by Harry Heissmann Inc.

"When entering my room, I would like visitors to be happy dazzled and surrounded by fantasy and wonder, just like one would feel on Christmas morning"- Harry Heissmann

Going down the rabbit hole.


"We want people to feel the way Alice felt in Alice from Wonderland when she drank the vile that the Mad Hatter gave her."- Lynn of Joyce Silverman Interiors

Polly wants a glam Living Room


Envisioned by Bradfield & Tobin

"Why not have one’s imagination caught in a game of color? A very red parrot challenges the rules of scale, while an ornate French 18th century piece of furniture demands equal attention? I think it would be false for a creative person to claim indifference – we all seek affirmation in one form or another."- Bradfield & Tobin

Peekaboo to Upholster Walls


Envisioned by Patrick Mele

"I want people to experience joy, comfort, escape, cuddled and embraced. It's a very personal space and may not be a room for everybody as it has a strong point of view. The walls are upholstered and there are layers of carpets. I created a femme fatale character to theme my room as a Lady's Boudoir"- Patrick Mele

Popping Bottles


Envisioned by Sasha Bikoff

"I want people to feel like they have just entered a dinner party hosted by Jayne Mansfield and Salvadore Dali that represents a cross between the 1930s Golden Age of Paris and 1960s Beverly Hills glam that we all want to party and drink pink champagne in."- Sasha Bikoff

Predicting this Room to be a Design Devotee Favorite


Envisioned by Ryan Korban in collaboration with brandon Maxwell 

" My vision for the space is to create dark luxury. I wanted to blend that world of design and fashion to realize a space that can carry out a fantasy. My theme is Fashion and Interior which very much is the basics for design. Working with dark colors that would normally be a New Yorker’s wardrobe palette."- Ryan Korban

I think it's worth noting the collaboration between both interior designer Ryan Korban and fashion designer, Brandon Maxwell soon to be depicted in their Holiday House room, show the core elements to living stylishly. These designerlebrities are coming equipped to educate. From Ryan's play with scale and custom furniture to Brandon's fashionable influence with sleek mannequins and tailored form, you quickly learn why we all want to live and dress in their vision. I predict their room to be the showstopper, but maybe that's just because its my personal fav. 

Courtesy of Holiday House. Click on Image to Learn More!

Courtesy of Holiday House. Click on Image to Learn More!

As promised, I am hooking you up with the deets of this amazing and I can not express it enough...MUST ATTEND showhouse! 


November 17th, 2016 - January 8th, 2017
11am - 5pm (Closed Mondays)
Thursdays until 8pm (Hello, also on Thursdays have a complimentary cocktail from 5pm-8pm!)


The Sullivan Mansions
40 & 50 Sullivan St.
New York City, 10012


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