Designerlebrity Talk on Healthy Lifestyle With Eraldo Talk Show

by Barbara Viteri


Kind of neat to be starting 2017 talking about what I always love talking about, DESIGNERLEBRITIES! Shoutout to Talk Show Host, Eraldo Maglara for having me on his show, Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo. Thank you. I had a great time. 

Now if you are going to be talking about Designerlebrities, you have to name drop some of the best. Mentioning designerlebrity, Jeff Lewis from one of Bravo's longest running design shows and mentioning designerlebrity, Nate Berkus, who I mean, come on, household name, was easy to get people to relate and understand what makes up a Designerlebrity. What I wanted to ensure I spotlighted was the designerlebrities people should start following. Like most recently featured here on, designerlebrity, Blanche Garcia who instead of releasing a book with pretty pictures, opted to launch a self help book.  

Also worth mentioning and lets add to the designerlebrities you should follow, are of the fabulous likes of Mikel Welch, who is incredible. When you watch the show segment, I basically go gaga on raving about how he is not just Steve Harvey's interior designer, but a true entrepreneur. The man opened up a restaurant! (Guess where I'm conducting my interview with him?) 

Courtesy of Mikel Welch

Courtesy of Mikel Welch. Pic of the new B2 Harlem Restaurant

It's a new year. It's time to start putting a fun pop-culture style media spotlight on some amazing celebrity interior designers. Start creating a separate platform that deserves just as much attention as we all give to fashion, music, movies etc. Stay tuned as you are about to get more Designerlebrity Talk very soon. Cheers!

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