VIDEO: Gift Like A Pro With Subscription Boxes & Curated Gifts. Designerlebrity EIC Shows You How On CT Style

We all know someone who seems to have their act together and has completed their holiday gift shopping since Thanksgiving, but how are they doing it? Designerlebrity™ creator, Barbara Viteri was on CT Style with hosts, Ryan and Sarah to say, "don't hate, congratulate", because she is sharing their secrets.

So here are the secrets to help you slay your sleigh this season. It's quite simple. There are two ways to guarantee you will gift like a pro. The first is to subscribe to the professional companies that curate those perfect gifts! (Duh-right?) Not so fast. If you are a designerlebrity follower, you know we are all about celebrity interior designer news, products and events. So where are the best home decor subscriptions boxes to sign up for? Let's start with a Designerlebrity that is killing it and literally delivering the on-trend style moments for your home to your door.

The December Box by Inspire Me Home Decor

Farah Merhi is a celebrity interior designer (aka, Designerlebrity). Her Inspire Me Home Decor company has over 4.5 million Instagram followers! Farah also has a home collection with QVC and is the only interior designer who has successfully launched a home decor subscription box businesses since it's launch earlier this year. Farah has curated the December Box to be right on a festive and glamourous trend. With hand picked style accessories that infuse sparkle, mix metals and this season's hottest look, mercury glass. There is no need to be intimidated on how you can style the look for your own home as there are close to half a dozen styling cards to guide you. The Inspire Me Home December Box is sure to make the perfect gift for both you and the decoristas in your life. 

EXCLUSIVE: January Box Reveal by Posh Home Box

Designerlebrity exclusively and recently featured Posh Home Box to reveal their anticipated December 'Champagne and Velvet' holiday gift box to an overwhelming response. The December box sold out before the kickoff of the holiday season! Not to disappoint, Posh Home Box has not only exclusively revealed their upcoming January box to Designerlebrity readers, but has granted early holiday ordering! Consider stocking up as the 'Tray Chic' January Box is perfect for both Christmas with its crystal mirrored tray and can prepare you for even Valentine's Day with aromatic scented candles and sweetheart blushing matches. Order soon to ensure your deliveries make it before Christmas!

The December Box by Third & Main For The Home

Third & Main For The Home has been curating monthly packages filled with boutique home finds and focusing on local made items in the U.S. since launching earlier this year. They have brilliantly crafted and selected beautiful high-quality assortments for the home. It's easy gift giving with thoughtful items that are sure to please the toughest gift receivers in your life. No surprise their December Holiday Box sold out within minutes, but their online Holiday Gift Store gives last minute shoppers an opportunity to curated gifts of their own. 

Still wish you could get your hands on a Third & Main's Sold Out December Box? Well then we have a gift for you!

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Chelsea Square

Personalized Curated Gift Box Created by Chelsea Square For Designerlebrity. Shop Small & Give Big!

So here is the ultimate secret to checking off your gift giving holiday list. SHOP SMALL! Every town should have a wonderful small gift shop like our personal favorite, Chelsea Square located in Montclair, New Jersey. You can not beat the customer service and attention to details. Need further proof? We gave Chelsea Square the ultimate challenge of curating a gift box for when we receive a gift and have nothing to give in return. Ever experience that! The surprise of receiving a gift and your thought didn't count, because it was so unexpected? This is why shopping small business is so important. Karalynn Wolfe, owner of Chelsea Square curated the perfect gift for such a situation with sweet treats, festive ornamentations, holiday dishes, a clean scented candle and heart warming matches perfectly wrapped in a sparkled gift box. We can not stress enough how fabulous small gift shops like Chelsea Square can do more than save you time and money, but truly present a gift with such thoughtfulness that your love ones will wonder how you are able to slay your sleigh!


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