The New Real Housewife Of NY, Tinsley Mortimer Is Also A Designerlerbrity

by Barbara Viteri @designerlebrity

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The word is out, there is a new housewife being introduced to Bravo's, The Real Housewives of New York and her name is Tinsley Mortimer. While the label of "housewife" maybe incorrect as she isn't married, the label of Designerlebrity would be more appropriate. In fact Tinsley is hoping to shed her It Girl/Upper East Side Socialite status by signing onto the #RHONY series and showcasing her home collection may just do the trick.  

Photo: Sourced

Tinsley's move to join the comedic-drama reality show in contrast to her ratchet-drama High Society reality show back in 2010 could prove to be a smart one. The 41 year old modern socialite can show off a comeback with her stylish business venture. She has a stunning home collection sold on Pop Culture Living and it's pretty fabulous.

Yes she too has a fashion line amongst other coordinating brands like having a lipstick shade named after her via Dior, but it's her home collection that could be her 'Skinnygirl' highlight on the show.  

Tinsley Mortimer Home Collection Sold on Pop Culture Living

You got to give the girl props. Her home collection is fun, colorful and gives off good table talk. (Yes pun intended) Perfect for the girl's night viewing party of #RHONY while sipping champagne in those cute bubble design glasses. If Tinsley plays her cards right by showing off more of her interior design side instead of her old 'high society' ways with a recent mugshot to back it up (oh yes there is one out there) she literally could be redesigning her life for all of us to watch.  

Checkout Tinsley mortimer Home Collection Video HERE

Bravo gives good TV. Personally I watch Bravo more for interior design inspiration than HGTV as they give good interior design style too. I'm hoping this season of Real Housewives shows more of the interior design side of these housewives as much as they do their fashion. Of course we are really watching their crazy. Nothing like talking about your fellow castmates' crazy then by eating a kale salad from Tinsley's stylish koi plates and getting 'turtle time' off of Ramona's Pinot Grigio. You in? I am. So cheers to Tinsley Mortimer and wishing her the best with this crew. 

Season 9 of Bravo's Real Housewives of New York begins April 5th 9/8c. You can catch the show's official trailer HERE

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