VIDEO: Pillow Talk & Pillow Fight On CT Style With Shop Like A Designerlebrity Creator, Barbara Viteri

Designerlebrity™ creator, Barbara Viteri was on CT Style with hosts, Ryan Kristafer and Jocelyn Maminta showing viewers the hottest pillow creations designed by you guessed it....Designerlebrities. Before the pillow fight (yes, there was one!) it was all pillow talk. Starting with the beautiful embroidered throw pillows by the iconic supermodel turned business mogul, Kathy Ireland. The estimated half a billion dollar brand is bringing back the delicate look of embroidered pillows but with a smart twist! The intricate work is done on indoor/outdoor fabric. These throw pillows are strong enough to withstand what all seasons can throw at them.   

Next was our therapeutic pillow designer, Aviva Stanoff who continues to blow us away from her faux fur ombre pillows to her holistic approach in gem sourcing to create sparkly masterpieces. It was all fun and games with Aviva's best seller, the "mermaid pillow" with its two sequin color tones that host, Jacelyn got excited to write "Hi" on. 

Saving the best for last and we promise you will want to follow this designer's career, is the fashion inspired pillows designed by Aurielle Jones of Vivid Interiors. These pillows demand your attention and befitting for their appearances in the W Hotel based in Atlanta. Host Ryan Kristafer grabbed the Noir pillow and even kicked off the start of the show with it! Each pillow could have its own music video with their sleek and sexy appeal. They are breaking all the rules and we love them!

Lastly, the #shoplikeadesignerlebrity segment ended with a surprise pillow fight on LIVE TV. Host Jocelyn has an arm and yes she planted a pillow to the face! Thank goodness it was one of the soft Kathy Ireland ones because it looks like Barbara did not want to play fair and went straight for Aurielle's gold spiked pillow appropriately named....Sin. 


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Kathy Ireland


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