VIDEO: Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home! Designerlebrity EIC, Barbara Viteri Shows You How On CT Style.

The clock is ticking fast with Valentine's Day just days away. So why not celebrate at home? Designerlebrity Editor-In-Chief, Barbara Viteri took over CT Style's Talk Show set to create cozy yet fun moments everyone (no matter what your relationship status is on Facebook) happy! Starting with a one-stop-shop to our friends at ZGallerie where all the romantic essentials are at.

If you are single, why not create a comfortable place on the couch to catch up on reading and writing sweet notes to the fabulous people in your life that hold you down. Better yet, pour the wine, devour your own chocolates and cuddle with a soft friend because you are selecting the movie and why not go for the horror flick? The bear doesn't judge. Enjoy!

A night at home is the place to be to set the mood for soft blankets to snuggle up in and play drinking games! ZGallerie has a fun drinking companion called "Drinking Bird". You and your love one can get in on the game. Watch a romantic comedy and when you hear the word..."LOVE" take a drink! Speed the game up by taking a sip every time Drinking Bird bops in for his sip. Just remember to drink responsibly. 

If you didn't know, there is actually a special day not on the calendar to celebrate your gal-friends. It's called Galentine's Day and it falls on February 13th. Again the best place to celebrate the BFFs in your life is home, so do it in style. Gather fun champagne flutes, blast Beyonce XO song, play a game of tic-tac-toe with X O pins. Extend the fun by creating Valentine cards with cute paint by number cards set. Don't forget to give little goodies like Sugarfina's Rose All Day Gummy Bears!

Thanks again to our #shoplikedesignerlebrity partners ZGallerie for helping us slay both Valentine's Day & Galentine's Day!

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