Exclusive: Design Like A Baller- Hilary White Takes On NBA's Rude Gay Miami Pad

by Barbara Viteri

Photo Credit: Valerie Smith for Designerlebrity

Want to be a baller, a shot caller when it comes to interior design? Then take notes from SC Interior Designer, Hilary White of Liv Chic Interiors. She hits nothing but net with her design skills for both NBA and MLB players like, Zack Randolph, David Cone, Kyle Farnsworth and repeat client, NBA Star, Rudy Gay

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Half the battle of calling the shots is landing great clients with avant-garde ideas. Hilary enjoys tapping into her craft by translating those experimental ideas into her client's personal style. Like taking on high-school sweethearts clients, Rudy and Ecko Gay. She worked on multiple projects for them including their home in Memphis TN when Rudy played for the Grizzlies. Hilary developed a lasting relationship that was both professional and personal. She attended their wedding in Aspen where Ecko wowed in a red wedding dress! Now she just completed their family home in Miami for both their two little boys and the happy couple to enjoy. Hilary marvels over her clients and feels lucky to work with people who are open to "liv chic".

Ecko Gay: "I love working with Hilary, she has amazing taste and she really understands how to make the aesthetics of a home flow and all tie in together. She's good at mixing different types of styles whether it be eclectic or mid century modern and doing it so effortlessly." 

Photo Credit: Valerie Smith for Designerlebrity

No need to put labels on this style. It's all about the client's perspective and Hilary was game for it.

Hilary White: "So when we started the Florida project, Ecko mentioned how she loved the sets from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. That exaggerated, whimsical, but overtly dark and sexy aesthetic of the Red Queen's castle. That was part of our inspiration. We wanted a modern and slightly toned down version of that look. We basically gutted the whole house to do it. Those marble floors were a pain in the ass to layout but so worth it! We wallpapered the ceilings in black and white wallpaper from Black Crow Studios in both the living room and the master bedroom. The foyer wallpaper was from their Watercolor collection as well. It looks amazing! The walls are literally art."

Photo Credit: Valerie Smith for Designerlebrity

Ballers don't come in small packages. Hilary literally took her designs to new heights.

Hilary White: "Also worth mentioning, since Rudy is 6'9" we customized all the furniture to accommodate him. Seat heights went from the standard 18" to 24", vanities got bumped up to 40", and the bed and mattress was custom as well so his feet wouldn't hang off the end! I'm 5'1" so I am dwarfed in that house! It's pretty hysterical! You can't tell from the photos though since the scale all works and there is no point of reference, but you feel it when you walk in the space. It's made for giants." 

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Hilary White is a designer to follow. Her potential is endless which makes me thrilled to spotlight her first. Designerlebrity status is not far behind as the word on the curb is there are TV style segments in her future. Plus currently in the pipeline is an East Hampton project for jewelry designer, Karyn Oksenhorn. Hilary will be tackling a very modern 2,500 s/f beach house that is scheduled for completion in 2017. I can't imagine that project not being noted as Designerlebrity Talk. Get em girl!


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