Exclusive: What's An Island Without A Waterfall? See The Kitchen Trend Soon To Become A Design Classic. Kitchen Designed By Danielle Murrieta

Photography: Tara Manera

Photography: Tara Manera

It's that time of year where reports are out and designerlebrities are eager to share their take on what design styles will be trending and ending in 2018. Why not take it a step further to predict what trends will actually become style classics in the world of interior design? Here is one prediction of ours we hope both the industry and designerlebrities will agree and heck, if it does stand the test of time, give us a little credit for.

What's an island without a waterfall?

Photography: Tara Manera

Photography: Tara Manera

Interior Designer, Danielle Murrieta of StudioDMM has just completed this Southern California kitchen project which spotlights our point of what was considered a trend in kitchen design to what we think will become a design classic. Danielle has broken the "lab white kitchen" look we are all too familiar with by infusing natural wood elements and what could make for classic kitchen appeal...the waterfall island. Danielle admits her clients "love a clean modern look with some rustic flair" and that's what she delivered, but in 2018 we are certain the waterfall island will become a classic interior design style even the most traditional kitchens will want. 

We both knew the island had to have a waterfall edge detail on it.
— Danielle Murrieta

Although the all-white-kitchen trend is showing signs of not trending anymore in the new year, the look is certainly not going away. In a sense its getting an update with introductions of pops-of-color appliances, natural wood materials as shown in Danielle's project here and an extension of surface material chosen from these waterfall islands into full height backsplashes. The classic appeal of a waterfall island is that it doesn't break the flow from a visual standpoint. It also makes for easy clean up, but that's just a bonus. The kitchen island is now serving multifunctional purposes from entertaining, home office/homework duties to getting the entire family excited to cook and eat in one central location. We are certain waterfall islands will become a classic look for the hardworking kitchens out there and designerlebrities will soon start new trends for its overall classic appeal. Concrete waterfall islands anyone?

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