Exclusive: Inside Look At Farmer's Daughter Interiors & Design, Kelsey Grose Home Studio

All Photography via: Candace Schwartz from Jackson Designs 

Designer, Kelsey Grose is about to be the new "It Girl" of the design industry. Her design firm, Farmer's Daughter Interiors & Design, based in Saskatchewan, Canada, is getting some serious attention. Starting with winning this year's Design Bloggers Conference highly acclaimed, Best New Design Blog Award. Plus Designerlebrity™ got the scoop on some EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Kelsey will be contributing her now award-winning blogging talents to one of the design industry's, Top 10 Podcasts to listen to, A Well-Designed Business, hosted by LuAnn Nigara. Yep you heard it hear first! So where will the rising star manage her design firm and new found opportunities? Well we like her style because she plans to do-it-all in her home studio and yes Designerlebrity™ got the exclusive first look too!

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK! Farmer's Daughter Interiors & Design Home Studio

When last I spoke with Kelsey, just about a week ago, she admitted she is on the verge of outgrowing her space, but simply can't give up working from home. Can't blame a girl, the home studio has an enormous window which pours in natural light that makes the office space feel much larger than it is. "When the weather is nice, I often have the window open- I love the breeze on my face and listening to the birds outside." It certainly is cheerful and there are treasures with personal stories attached to them she made mentioned of. Like being a bit of a plant-fanatic. There are plants in just about every room in her house including an oversize ‘money tree’ bonsai that sits right on her desk. On the same desk is a vintage brass lamp that was gifted to her by her mother. 

Kelsey got real personal and shared some of her most favorite treasures she keeps close to her in her home studio.... "The floating shelves could be utilitarian in terms of storage but really they hold current magazines and supplier catalogues that are inspiring me or meaningful pieces that motivate me. For example, the little wooden sign was my grandmother’s that we salvaged from her house - I believe she got it as a wedding present - and the postcard in the wooden frame is from a trip she took with my grandpa when they were younger. I have the utmost love and respect for my grandma and I never met my grandpa so I feel these are little pieces of them with me everyday. If you know the story behind ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ you’ll know that my dad was very special to me - he passed away about four years ago - and back in his heyday, he used to smoke Player’s. When I found the little vintage tin in an antique shop, I knew I had to bring it home." It's those conversational pieces that completes the look in her home studio, but a girl has to keep it practical too!

One of the best decisions I made in this room was to invest in a decent office chair - sure, it may
not be the prettiest piece in the room but some days when I spend hours at a time here, a proper chair is worth sacrificing a little ‘pretty’.
— Kelsey Grose

Kelsey's home studio is where the magic is happening and the journey continues for this designer with fabulous potential as she is quickly on the radar of many. I'm thrilled to spotlight her on Designerlebrity's 'Potential' series, but can't wait to see what she will be up to next!


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