Exclusive: Candice Quinn Designs Flops Into Lucrative Flips

by Barbara Viteri

Photography via: Shane Baker Studios

Interior designer, Candice Quinn has hidden under the radar for far too long. Considered an "unknown" in the interior design industry, but to us a true Potential, Candice has a thriving full service design firm in Scottsdale, Arizona called London Pierce Design. Candice is well known in the community as a creative, talented, and efficient designer that knows how to stay on budget, so naturally she is popular with builders, developers, and investors. Although Candice's online presence looks like she is undevelopment, trust she is THE expert investors turn to for consulting on those fix-to-flip projects only she can fully develop for them.




Candice playfully named this house "Taco Bell circa 1980", but she understood there was high interest money on this deal and every second standing on the market you could hear a dollar lose its wings. So yeah maybe she choked a little and wanted to run for the border when the investor told her to gut renovate, complete and then stage for a showtime ready open house in just seven weeks. That's like TV show time frame. (Hear that HGTV Flip or Flop franchise?) Needless to say Candice exceeded the investor's expectations and like a Boss, put the PM in Project Management. There just had to be late nights to get it turn-key done. The home was completed on time and on budget within 7 weeks and closed within 7 days! 

Optimism is power. I’m an optimist as you probably have to be to thrive in this industry. My famous words ‘ we will figure it out’ are words used over 15 times a day. Seriously.
— Candice Quinn

Seven could be her lucky number as she has 4 more fix-to-flip home projects in the pipeline with potential for 7 figures. I'm betting she will be a Designerlebrity in 7 minutes if only we could watch her do her thing on TV. But Candice works at the speed of light, so Designerlebrity here will work like the Flash to keep up with her! 


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