Exclusive: Interior Designer Wendy Glaister Gives A Ranch Redux The Comfort Treatment

by Barbara Viteri

Photography by: Mark Verschelden

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Interior Designer Wendy Glaister

Lately luxury interiors have been expressed with all that glitz and glams, but the most important style treatment of comfort seems to be ignored when spotlighting a project. So when California's Central Valley based interior designer, Wendy Glaister's "ranch redux" project came along, we were more than pleasantly surprised, but comforted (no-pun intended) by the comfortable appeal she created for her client's inherited home.

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California's Central Valley is the single most productive agricultural region providing more than half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States. The community is comprised of farming families with ranch homes that very often are inherited by a child who wishes to stay on and run the farming operation...as is the case with Wendy's Peterson Ranch project. After the passing of the client's parents, both he and his wife inherited the family home and were tasked with renovating it to meet their lifestyle and design preferences.

It was a tough process because the relationship between the parents, son and daughter-in-law was so close. It was hard for the clients to see their ‘new’ home functioning in any other way than it had when their parents lived in the home. We were very careful to preserve special features of the house, like the beautiful, original heart-of-redwood ceiling, the built-in library shelving, and the red velvet flecked power room.
— Wendy Glaister

For Wendy is was all about making choices that reflected the "new" owner's tastes and aesthetic. From a complete gut job on the kitchen, sporting clean lines, soft colors and loading the space with more contemporary farm inspired lighting to selecting furniture for durability as things can get rough and dirty on the ranch. Wendy made every effort to style the home to feel "happy and fresh" and more importantly "keeping with our darling clients' personalities". 

Every effort was acknowledged and praised by the clients. The attention for both style and comfort is represented in this ranch redux. Particularly in the gathering areas like the family room and kitchen that are ready to take on the holidays and family celebrations. The statement..."all the comforts of home" are beautifully displayed in the Peterson's Ranch and shows how an important style treatment like comfort, should never be ignored. 

Wendy is a dream to work with. She completely brought my vision to life! Her eye to detail is phenomenal. Not only did Wendy listen to my likes and dislikes, but she also considered our family life.
— Pamela Peterson (Client)


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